Salsa Noke dance

What:  We are sponsoring free dances in our fellowship hall.  Snacks and soft drinks provided.


Why:  We want to provide a social opportunity to all our neighbors. 


When: Dances will be held on Saturday evenings from 6-8:30 p.m. beginning with a lesson. Our current schedule is Saturday, Feb. 11 and 25, March 11.


Disclaimer:  Worried that attending our dances will result in a never ending stream of unwanted attempts to, "save" you from your sin?


Well don't!


We simply want to better know and understand our neighbors and work together for a better community. You will not be harassed or pressured in anyway.  Our dances are purely to provide a social opportunity for all of us to enjoy.


And, we believe you have already been saved, so no big deal.

For more info, contact Walker Hartman.