Adult Sunday School Classes meet each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM, September through May, in the Chapel building. All classes welcome visitors, guests, and new members.

Adult Small Group Bible Study

Fall 2019, all of our Small Groups will resume and dive into the study of the Big Ideas of Christianity using the book Chris tian Doctrine by Shirley Guthrie as a guide, as well as reflecting on the Sunday sermons and scripture. We have space for newcomers in several of our existing small groups, so check out the group sign-up sheets in the gathering area! Being a part of a small group is an experience rich in personal connection and spiritual growth. In small groups we discuss what is shared in worship, therefore the experience of worship is more deeply engrained into our minds and hearts. As we contemplate it all together the concepts take root and our faith grows!

The Seekers Class

The Seekers Class is a discussion-based Sunday School class of all ages and meets weekly with
approximately twenty-five participants. The leaders coordinate lessons with the Director of Christian Education, and most studies are topical and last four to eight weeks. The class is named “Seekers” because this group recognizes that no one holds the corner on Truth and that all are seeking in their life of faith with God. The Seekers will begin the fall with an eight-session study of the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis using a newly produced video and study guide that explores this classic book in new fresh ways. Mere Christianity is one of the most read and beloved Christian books of all time. The Seekers will explore how seventy years later from when it was first delivered on radio, it still holds relevance to our world today. This study will take place from Sept. 15 to Nov. 3.

Stepping Through the Bible

During our year focused on the Big Ideas of Christianity this class will be asking, pondering and exploring the questions of our faith. We will be doing this together using “The Work of the People” website. The Work of the People explores questions surrounding the nature of God, justice, humanity, divinity, death, salvation and much more. These questions are explored through scripture, videos and film, art, and discussions.

Discover RCPC

Discover RCPC is a class for those interested in learning what it means to be a “member” of Christ’s body at RCPC. The class explores some basics of Christian History, Reformed Theology, Presbyterian Polity and the Story of Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church.

Parent is a Verb

It is the most challenging job and is continuous, so it is more apt to be called a career! This career also has rewards and joy that reach beyond any other life pursuit. The life and career of parenting is not one that we walk through alone. We have family, friends, our church, experts in the field, and most importantly a Lord who loves us, who can guide us in this endeavor. Together we will explore the world of parenting this year at RCPC in our new Sunday School class for adults appropriately named…Parent is a VERB! We will explore various topics in parenting, such as discipline, multiple intelligences, faith traditions in the home, boundaries and choices, screen time, bullying, child psychology, and most importantly the topics on your heart and mind as you navigate being a parent. This class begins on September 15 and the first five weeks will be led by Wade Whitehead. All are invited to attend this class. Whether you are planning to be a parent,
in the thick of parenting, or have children grown into adulthood, we hope to see you there!

Presbyterian Women

PW meets the second Tuesday of each month 

  • 10:30 AM for Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall, Childcare provided upon request.

  • 12:00 noon, lunch for $5

  • 7:00 PM Evening Circle Bible Study

Our local mission project serves the Salvation Army Turning Point Shelter

All are invited to join us.


MENistry is men who are willing to be honest with one another, with themselves and with God for the purpose of the ongoing transformation in Christ and service to others. 


MENistry welcomes all men who desire a deeper connection with God, a closer connection with one another, and a more consistent connection between faith and action. 


Current Small Groups include: 

  • ThuGS (Thursday Guy Sessions)