Adult Sunday School Classes meet each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM, September through May, in the Chapel building. All classes welcome visitors, guests, and new members.

Adult Small Group Bible Study

The Small Group lessons are based upon the Sunday sermons and scripture. Being a part of a small group is an experience rich in personal connection and spiritual growth. In small groups we discuss what is shared in worship, therefore the experience of worship is more deeply ingrained into our minds and hearts. As we contemplate it all together the concepts take root and our faith grows!

The Seekers Class

The Seekers Class is a discussion-based Sunday school class of all ages. The leaders coordinate lessons with the Director of Christian Education, and most studies are topical and last four to eight weeks. The class is named “Seekers” because this group recognizes that no one holds the corner on Truth and that all are seeking in their life of faith with God. Schedule:

  • September 19-26 – Pandemic Group Therapy: debriefing on the experience of the pandemic on the lives and faith of the class participants.

  • October 3-31 – “Life Together” by Deitrich Bonhoeffer

  • November 7-21 – Isabella joins the Seekers to lead a series

  • December – Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes

  • January-February – Book Study of “Love is the Way” by Bishop Michael Curry

  • March 6-April 10 – Lenten Study – “Words of Life” By Adam Hamilton

  • April 24-May 22 – What Really Happened? Stories within the Big Stories of the Bible

Sneak Peek Small Group

This small group will differ from the others! It will be based upon the scripture for that Sunday. It will take a sneak peek into what is to come in the 11:00 AM worship service. This class will work to discern the scripture and discuss the direction the sermon may take!

Discover RCPC

This class is intended for those new to our faith community who wish to learn more about how we make our life together in Christ. It is a great way to meet other new people in the church and listen for how God might be calling you to participate more deeply in our life together.

Podcast Parenting

Parenting in our world today always looks a little different than parenting in our world yesterday. But no matter the day, we can always trust in the ways of Jesus in all our relationships, most certainly in our relationships with our children. But even though we rely on our faith as a guide, navigating parenting in the modern world can still be as tricky as ever. We are not alone. We have the church, one another, a God who loves us, and also we have an endless array of differing voices that echo all around us! In our Podcast Parenting class, we will listen in on some popular podcast voices that focus on the joys and struggles of family life in these strange and unchartered times.


We will hear from the voices of The Mockingcast, Revisionist History, This American Life, Ezra Klein, The Happiness Lab, The Holderness Family, Brene Brown, Ted Talks, and more!


Each week we will be asked to listen to a particular podcast episode. In class, we will engage in a discussion of that episode, adding our voices to the mix as we contemplate our lives as family members, who are also a part of a bigger Christian family.


All ages are invited to attend this class. We hope to see you there!

Presbyterian Women

The PW Bible study curriculum for 2021-2022 is entitled, “Love Carved in Stone.” It focuses on the Ten Commandments and will be led by Ruth Marple. PW mission projects for the year are focused on the needs of the Turning Point ministry. The PW full group gathering is the second Tuesday of the month with lunch in the fellowship hall.

Men of the Church

A men’s group has been meeting for several years from September through May for about an hour per week. Typically, the group is reading a book and taking time each week to check in with one another. Although most of the group attends RCPC, we have had others join us as well and they are welcome. This past year and beginning this year, we have been and will continue to meet by zoom so that we can safely gather until such time as the Covid-19 virus is less of a threat.