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Stones play an important part in the Bible, locations of divine revelation. We are in a building season at RCPC. Each person is in a building season of a life, needing foundation work, renovation, additions, etc. Here we mean scoundrels who use rocks for pillows, disciples who are solid as a rock but also dense as a rock, a tomb hewn from rock and covered by a stone at Jesus’ death, and a stone that was rejected that becomes the cornerstone of our lives. How do we meet God in the rocks? What rock will be the structure for our life?
September 11 - Genesis 28:10-17 and Psalm 18:1-5 - Slept Like a Rock
September 18 - Exodus 33:12-34:4 and Psalm 62:1-8 - Partial View
September 25 - Matthew 16:13-20 and Psalm 81 - Blockhead
October 2 - Luke 6:46-49 - Foundations
October 9 - Matthew 27:57-61 and Isaiah 32:1-8 - Cavemen
October 16 - 1 Peter 2:1-10 and Psalm 118:19-25 - Stones Alive
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