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Why do we sing? What does it mean to praise God? How does praise shape us in faith? Join us this fall as we explore the power of praise, and let us commit once again our financial gifts and time to the praise of God through the church. Giving gifts to the church is one way for us to orient ourselves and our congregation toward the way of God. Each year during our generosity season we consider how much each of us can pledge to the mission of RCPC. This year during our Generosity Campaign we will explore how giving is Doxology – an expression of praise – and how participating in Doxology impacts the daily life of our church body.

September 12 - Psalm 136 and Psalm 96 God Enthroned - Doxology as Duty & Delight

September 19 - Psalm 114 and Exodus 15:1-21 Song of Praise after Red Sea - Doxology as Deliverance

September 26 - Psalm 97 and Isaiah 52:1-12 Return from Exile - Doxology as Restoration

October 3 - Psalm 72 King’s Submission to YHWH - Doxology as Submission

October 10 - Psalm 136 and Luke 7:18-23 God’s Faithfulness and Mercy - Doxology as Resilience