Do you know which way you're going? How many times since March 2020, have you asked yourself "what's next?" These days, I find myself having a lot of questions and very few answers. As we approach our annual Generosity Campaign, we need the congregation's help in "Finding Our Way." As we've traveled through COVID times, RCPC staff and volunteers have worked hard to find a new way to remain united in our love and pursuit of our Lord and Savior. Sometimes that pursuit feels familiar -- we are again gathering on Wednesday mornings for worship -- but most of the time it has felt new and (possibly) uncomfortable. As you and your household prayerfully consider your participation in the Generosity Campaign for 2021, we ask that you reflect on how RCPC might do things a bit differently in 2021, how planning a budget around so many unknowns might be uncomfortable, and how we might continue to gather together to find our way.