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Presbyterian Church

We are a connected congregation, united in history, theology, and governance to other churches in the Presbyterian tradition.  We are a member of the Presbytery of the Peaks, a geographic body made up of congregations that covenant together to support and encourage one another.  This regional body is joined to other regional bodies to make up the Presbyterian Church (USA)

The PC(USA) is a 1.5 million-member denomination of just over 9,000 congregations.  We were originally an outgrowth of the Church of Scotland, founded during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century.  Our theology and practice, however, has continued to be reshaped as we are "reformed and always being reformed according to the Word of God."  


Our Church is founded upon the lordship of Jesus Christ who is the head of the Church.  We affirm that the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are a unique and authoritative witness without parallel to Jesus as Lord, and these sacred words guide our faith and practice.  Our theology is held within our Book of Confessions, a collection of 10 statements of faith by the church universal and the Reformed church in particular dating from the fourth century to the twentieth century.  Our Book of Church Order guides us in the practices of worship, education, mission, and discipline, making sure that our life together is done "decently and in good order."


The best way to learn about our life as Presbyterians, however, is to come be physically present among us and see how this connected life is carried out in community.

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