Sunday School & Nursery

Infant & Toddler Nurseries

Each week the nursery leaders lead the children in Wee Worship. They have “Do it!” time where they listen to the monthly theme expressed in rhyme with body movements that they mimic. Then they have “Sing it!” time where they sing a short, repetitive song relating to the theme. Lastly, they have “Tell it!” time where a scripture-based short story is told that is related to the theme. Following these activities, there will be a simple activity time for babies and toddlers.

Frolic – Preschool Age: 2's, 3’s and 4’s

As children grow, they become more inquisitive about the complex world around them. They desire to hear the stories of the Bible, but they also desire to learn these stories in relationship to all that they encounter through their senses and experiences. Our curriculum, Frolic, provides our preschool-age children opportunities to encounter the stories of the Bible and to explore biblical concepts through role play, art, dance and music.

Spark Activate – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Early elementary age children are not only interpreting the world around them, they are also sharing with others what they learn and see. Spark Activate curriculum for Kindergarten through 1st graders provides open-ended opportunities for children to interact with the Bible in every lesson, helping kids navigate the story and begin to compare what they learn to their own life.

Our Faith – 2nd Grade

Second grade is a BIG year of faith milestones at RCPC! Our second graders receive their Bibles, they graduate out of Children’s Worship, and they learn all about the sacrament Holy Communion. We have incorporated these wonderful milestones and much more into a year-long curriculum exclusively for second graders. This class will prepare our second graders to attend worship in the sanctuary, familiarize our second graders with using the Bible, lead our second graders in memorizing the books of the Bible, the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles Creed, and most importantly give our second graders a greater understanding of what we believe and why.

Bible Depths – 3rd−5th Grade

Upper elementary age children are developing their abstract cognitive skills and are ready for a more intense and deep study of the Bible. We provide a 3-year study of the Bible for 3rd – 5th graders that allows children the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding, which as they mature enables them to become better-informed Disciples who are ready to interpret how they feel called to serve God in the church and world. We have completed the full 3 years of Bible Depths and now we return to year 1 with the beginning, in Genesis!

God Alive Hikes

Wednesdays 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM September through May

God Alive is a mid-week children’s ministry for elementary school-age children. God Alive provides children with opportunities to learn the concepts of the Bible through a thematic based curriculum that deepens young people’s faith through fellowship, play, music, mission, and creative expression. Children are divided into groups based on age, and they rotate through various activities related to the theme of the day. We connect the message found within the Biblical narrative to our call from God in our lives, community, and world.

Vacation Bible School

Travel back in time and all around the world to discover God’s great love! Join the summer adventure of RCPC’s Vacation Bible School! Each summer, we follow the path of four friends from the Bible, while exploring God’s creation in four different countries. We worship, sing, dance, pray, play, explore, and create as we join Jesus in the call to love God and our neighbor who lives both far away from us and right next door! 

Rising Pre-K (4years old by September 30 and potty-trained) to Rising 5th graders are invited to this adventure back in time!

If you have any questions please contact Leigh Sackett, Director of Christian Education, at