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Day 4 - Saturday, February 25, 2023

"Then God spoke all these words … “I am the Lord your God, … you shall have no other gods before me. “You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above or that is on the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth … for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, … but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments." - Exodus 20:1-6

We live in a society that preaches and rewards self-worth. “Ego is healthy,” we are told. “Live your best life!” We actually fail to live our best lives when we forget to whom our lives belong. We are all children of God with values and gifts intended to be offered to God and humankind. Yes, we should take care of ourselves and enjoy life, support our family, etc. But the first two commandments remind us that there is one God. He expects to be known and appropriately honored as the one God.

Recognition of God, honoring God, putting God first, must be the first commandments. They are the basis for everything that follows. If we don’t understand who God is, and our relationship with Him, why should we follow His rules? But the message is deeper. The message is that we do not belong to ourselves, we belong to God. Think about that for just a minute. That means that honoring God and working to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth is not something nice to do, it is not a recommendation, it is a divine duty. (Matthew 6:10; Luke 17:21; etc.) How will you work this week in that direction? What does God call you to do?

God, please help us to wake every morning remembering that we belong to You. Guide us to know how You want us to help others and to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

-Hugh Wellons


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