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Generosity Testimonial: John and Cindy Phelps

We joined RCPC after all our children flew the coop. We were faithful Presbyterians but needed more opportunities for our faith journey to continue and strengthen and also wanted to provide assistance with the programs since we had more free time. There were so many opportunities and programs due to the generosity of our church members for us, so how did we find our footing here? Referencing Romans 8:28 - “We know that in everything God works for the good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.”

We focused on meeting people and learning about the various programs by participating in the Fellowship Dinners and then eventually helping with these. Our niche seemed to be helping with programs focused to nurture and develop our children on their faith journey and to help others in need.

Serving as Shepherds in VBS, mentors to confirmands, getting to know our youth through Sunday night dinners focused on our church children but we also support the Hunger Mission carrying on Cindy’s Parents Legacy of providing food for school children. Cindy enjoys serving as a Receptionist and seeing our Preschool Children grow and develop into independent kindergartners. We also plug in where needed i.e. ushering and decorating the church for Christmas.

We continue our faith journey by participating in the Sunday School Classes offered here, PW and the Men’s Group. We have developed strong friendships and support in these groups and strengthened our faith.

Our church provides stability, comfort, security, hope and peace in our lives in times of joy (our daughters’ marriages and the birth of our grandchildren) and sorrow (illness with aging parents and their deaths). In times of worldly devastating events we find the church as our solid foundation as stated in Psalm 62:2 - “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.”

We have found our footing here at RCPC and are very Blessed as a result of the generosity of our membership. From the Hymn: The Solid Rock – “My hope is built on nothing less……On Christ the solid Rock I stand”. How do you find your footing on the RCPC rock?

-John and Cindy Phelps

Our faith is built upon the Rock who is our God. Our annual giving to the life and ministry of the Church builds upon this foundation. Please be carefully considering your financial commitment to the life of Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church for the upcoming year. Remember that Celebration Sunday is October 16 when we will turn in our pledge cards and celebrate God's faithfulness among us.


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