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Recipes of Quarantine

With restaurants closed and trips cancelled, most people are cooking almost all of their meals at home. Each week we will feature a favorite family recipe from RCPC congregants.

May 11 - Brownies from Janis Wertz

The Recipes of Quarantine_Brownies_Wertz
Download • 3.31MB

May 18 - Layered Ice Cream Sherbert Dessert from Bonnie Cooper

The Recipes of Quarantine_Sherbert Desse
Download • 3.31MB

May 25 - Poppy Seed Chicken from Glenna Fisher

The Recipes of Quarantine_Poppyseed Chic
Download • 3.32MB

The Recipes of Quarantine Recipe Cards_B
Download • 3.33MB

June 8 - Quick Sausage Muffins from Camilla Cabaniss

The Recipes of Quarantine_Quick Sausage
Download • 3.32MB

June 15 - Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing from Peggy Martin

The Recipes of Quarantine Recipe Cards_f
Download • 3.32MB

June 22 - Healthy Cowboy Caviar from Sandra Whitt

The Recipes of Quarantine Recipe Cards_h
Download • 3.34MB

June 29 - Ina Garten's Weeknight Bolognese from Maureen Guelzow

The Recipes of Quarantine Recipe_Ina Gar
Download • 3.31MB

July 6 - Two-Ingredient Biscuits from Carole Banks

The Recipes of Quarantine_Two Ingredient
Download • 3.31MB

July 13 - Taco Dip from Matt Cook

The Recipes of Quarantine Recipe Cards_T
Download • 3.30MB

July 20 - Fresh Raspberry Pie from Ann Rutherford

The Recipes of Quarantine_Fresh Raspberr
Download • 3.30MB


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