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What a gift to learn and sing about creation! From our earliest years we are all fascinated by the world around us and enjoy learning the names of different animals, imitating their sounds, or drawing pictures. In the Bible we learn how God’s creative work—including us—is very good (Genesis 1-2), how the birds lift their voices and the lions roar (Psalm 104), and how creation sings praise to God even before we do (Revelation 5).

“All Creation Sings!” is our theme for Bible and Music Camp 2024 at Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church. During the week we will explore the following themes through story, song, and fun:

  • the God’s creative activity

  • the delight, variety, and goodness of creation

  • the example creation sets for us to follow

  • the urgent need to take care of the planet

The structure of Bible and Music Camp contains half-day & full-day programming schedules to allow for the participation of a variety of age groups.

  • Rising Pre-K: half-day camp experience (9 am - 12 pm) *must be potty trained*

  • Rising Kindergarten through 5th grade: full-day camp experience (9 am – 4 pm), bring a sack lunch

  • Rising 6th through 8th grade: half-day camp (12:30 pm - 4 pm). Youth campers are also able to volunteer for the morning half-day camp if they wish. 

The daily schedule includes:

  • Rising Pre-K: 

    • Crafts

    • Word & Action

    • Singing

    • Rec

  • Rising Kindergarten - 5th Grade:

    • Rec

    • Word & Action

    • Crafts

    • Music: Orff Instruments and Rhythm Ensemble; Singing

  • Rising 6th - 8th Grade:

    • Rec & Off-Campus Breakaway

    • Music: Singing & Handbells

    • Word

Cost (fees cover cost of supplies, snacks, & a t-shirt):

  • Rising Pre-K: $25/week

  • Rising Kindergarten - 5th Grade: $50/week for 1st child - $35/week for 2nd child - $30/week for 3rd+ child

  • Rising 6th - 8th Grade: $25/week - youth campers may also volunteer for the morning half-day camp and the their fee is waived

Fees may be paid:

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