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The wrapping paper is cleaned up and the new toys have been played with. Parents have wrestled with the directions to put together the trampoline or the dollhouse. Now we're in a new calendar year, make resolutions to get in shape, floss daily, and be more grateful. Whether it's putting together toys or making resolutions, there is always "some assembly required." We need a plan, a path, a pattern to follow in order to create a life of meaning and value.

At our core, the Christian way is a life that helps us to figure out those parts of life where there is "some assembly required." Yes, we know Christians can get a bad reputation. People leave the church all the time because those who say they follow Jesus act nothing like him. We understand that the Bible can seem old and irrelevant and the miracles and prayers seem like science fiction and superstition. With all that in mind, we're still inviting you to give us a chance.

From January 10 - February 14 we are going to walk through the Christian life using an old letter to the early Christians in Rome. Join us in person (masked and socially distant) at 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM or simply find us online for our live-streamed service at 11:00 AM on or


We hope you might find in these services and practices a way to figure out the difficulties of life where there is"some assembly required."

Special Bible Study

Our series "Some Assembly Required" is based in Paul's letter to the Christians in Rome. It is an introduction and review of the Christian journey and what a life in faith with others looks like. The passages for each Sunday have been chosen from the letter to fit that theme. There are, however, some challenging and controversial passages in this letter that are not part of our sermon series but could be helpful for us to explore the letter more fully. Below are the passages and themes we will be exploring in these special sessions. Each meeting will take place at 7:30 PM on Zoom (link in This Week @ RCPC):
January 13 Romans 1: 18-32 Paul and Human Sexuality
February 3 Romans 9-11 Christians and Jews
February 17 Romans 16 Paul and Women

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