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COVID-Update January 2022

Dear Church Family,

In this current phase of the pandemic, we are grateful for vaccines and medical advances, and a weakened variant of COVID even as we learn of increasing cases and wider spread of illness. We do not wish to stop our congregational life, but there are some areas of activity that depend on a variety of leaders and participants that risk last-minute disruption if a teacher or leader, or participant must isolate or quarantine due to infection or exposure to COVID. In an effort to avoid having to make last-minute cancellations, we are taking the following steps temporarily:

  • Suspend Sunday School through January 30

  • Suspend Children's Worship at the 9:00 AM Worship Service through January.

  • No dinner meals for Youth Group in January

  • God Alive to meet for hikes on January 12, 19, & 26

  • Schedule Discover RCPC Class to begin on February 6

  • Postpone Dr. Laura Hartman presentation to January 27

  • Committees and small groups may continue meeting as they have been or may elect for virtual gatherings. This may be based on how many members of those groups are isolating with COVID or quarantining due to exposure. If any of these groups need help setting up Zoom meetings, the church staff can assist in doing so.

We hope that infection rates will have lessened by the end of the month so that we may resume or begin these activities in February. Thank you for your continued patience, prayers, and faithfulness as we walk this path together.


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