May 28, 2015

Come! Let us worship!


Sunday Schedule:

          8:15, Chapel

          11:00 am, Sanctuary


          7:00 am, Gathering Area

          Communion served

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We are the Church of the Open Door.  We hope to be a welcoming and inclusive community of believers.  At this place of worship and growth, we hope you will find sanctuary.  We hope that you will find a safe place for sinners who are accepted and loved, because that's how we understand Christ loved us.  We hope that you will find a place for your shame, faith, guilt, joy, remorse, and love.


More than anything, we hope you find a place to surrender to

God's prevailing grace!


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Pastor search update

Beginning May 31 through June 28 the PNC will hold “Conversation Sessions” as we prepare ourselves for our new pastor.  


Our discussion will be based on the book, "Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors," by David Keck. Youth and adults will have an opportunity to have a conversation about the expectations that congregations and pastors have for each other.  All are welcome -- the more the better. We especially invite all youth to participate.  We will have activities for the children and childcare for our youngest.  Come for one or all of the conversations about expectations, understandings and covenants with each other!  


The Pastor Nominating Committee is excited, honored and humbled in the trust bestowed to them to call the next pastor for Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church. The members of the PNC are: Henry Schaefer, chairperson, Leslie Baldwin, Joe Clark, Andy Corbin, Craig Favor, Susan Kessler and Ann Muir Moomaw.  


The PNC has reviewed about 135 pastors and closely examined their education, experience, special gifts and talents. We've listened to their sermons to determine if we feel they would be a good match for RCPC.  We have culled the list to about 30 names. A half of those  are very high on our list.


As the PNC continues to talk to these pastors, conduct Skype interviews and bring some of the candidates to our valley we will be praying and listening to God guide us as we shape questions, delve into scenarios, and get to know the candidates on a personal level.


We ask the congregation to pray with us as we discern God’s will for Raleigh Court Presbyterian.  Pray for God to lead us to the pastor that God has chosen and that all parties are open and listening for what our future holds.


If you are interested in an in-depth portrait of life at RCPC,

check out our recently published Mission Study Report at

or call the church office for a printed copy. 







     Our Mission is:

     To Seek Christ
     To Serve Christ
     To Show Christ
     To Know God through Christ


 1837 Grandin Road SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Office: 540-343-5541

Fax: 540-345-8359

Preschool: 540-345-8035


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