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Sermon Series: November 12-26, 2023

Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church sits on a threshold, a boundary space between different regions of our area. Drive two miles north and east of the church and you will hear stories of systemic racism, segregation, generational poverty, addiction and violence. Drive two miles south and west of our church building, and you are in full suburbia with box stores and new families and travel sports and dance recitals. We sit in a space between two worlds that often feel entirely separate. What does it look like to cross the threshold of understanding, relationship, care and concern?

November 12 Psalm 78:1-7 & Joshua 1:10-17 Boundary Lines

November 19 Psalm 90:1-12 & Luke 10:25-37 Traveling Near

November 26 Psalm 95:1-7a & Acts 15:1-19 A Moving Target

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