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Day 25 - Wednesday, March 30

RCPC Greatest Hit from Jack Whitehead in 2015

“My sheep hear my voice. I (Jesus) know them and they follow me.” - John 10:27

The dictionary definition of a shepherd is “a person who herds, tends, and guards sheep.” A shepherd’s job is to lead and protect his flock and tend to the herd’s needs. After some time, the sheep become attached to the shepherd and begin to recognize his voice and respond to only him. To do this, however, the sheep must, of course, follow and obey the shepherd.

John 10:19-42 is about a group of people who doubt Jesus. They are telling him that if he is really the messiah, to just let them know... plainly. This group of people say that if Jesus truly is the son of God, then he should just say it rather than perform miracles to try to “gain followers.”

Jesus, in Verse 26 however, responds by saying that the reason they do not hear Him is because they do not follow Him. Jesus states that He has proven that, “He is God’s son in the work He does in His Father’s name.” Jesus is commonly called our “shepherd” and I believe this is because in order for us to understand Him, we must first follow Him.

Jesus will guard us, keep us, guide us, help us, and lead us if we give him a chance. We as followers of Christ must open up our hearts and minds and allow God’s grace and passion flow through us and fill us until we can live and act as Jesus, our great shepherd did.

Dear God, help us to accept your wisdom and grace so that we can understand and follow you. Amen.

-Jack Whitehead


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