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Day 1 - Ash Wednesday, March 2

RCPC Greatest Hit from Robyn Onyett in 2007

“Therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge another....” -Romans 2:1a

Not a day goes by in our lives that we don’t offer an opinion on something: a song on the radio, a co-worker’s shoes, or who will win the Super Bowl. These opinions are innocent enough - mostly to spark conversation or evoke an emotional response.

But we also carry with us deeper-rooted, life-altering opinions about more important issues: religion, politics, and race, just to mention a few. We judge people by the clothes they wear, the color of their skin, and how much money they have. We tend to exclude those whose beliefs are different from our own. It becomes easy to pass judgment on others with disabilities, those who are poor, or those who are from a foreign land.

We put a wall between “us & them” without understanding why, often judging them as “inferior” or “not up to our standards.” Why?

We are all God’s people, marked as His own at our baptism. Although we can’t all look alike, act alike, or believe exactly the same things, we are God’s children.

I am a Child of God

You are a Child of Gold

We will treat each other as Children of God,

With love & respect.

Heavenly Father God, Forgive us. Help us to remember we are all your children. Open our eyes to the beauty of your creation in each of us. Amen.

-Robyn Onyett


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