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Doxology - Mission

We witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of mission efforts at RCPC from simple and small mission projects at God Alive to the large sums we give through our Endowment Board. Here’s a look at how we support our mission partners:

10% Operating Budget is for Benevolences

In 2021, 10% of the entire operating budget of RCPC went towards benevolences which totaled $ 77,172 as you see above. As we look ahead to 2022 planning again to tithe 10% of our budget for benevolences, we ask you to prayerfully consider how we might increase our giving, know that 10 cents of each dollar given goes right to our benevolences.

Opportunities for Generosity

In addition to 10% of our operating budget going towards our mission partners, every month we feature an Opportunity of Generosity inviting disciples at RCPC to give additional funds, physical items, or their time to a mission partner. Through our Opportunities for Generosity in the last 12 months we supported:

  • Homeless Assistance Team – supplied with enough items for their welcome home baskets to last a year.

  • PCC – Collected 3,000 items for their food pantry during Lent.

  • House of Bread – We raised $ to support their first Friday initiative of meals for their alumni.

  • Habitat for Humanity – worked on the Apostles Build during May.

  • Haiti Mission Team – We raised $ to build an enclosement around our long-time mission partner St. Timothee’s school in Larevoir Haiti

  • Hunger Mission Group – Over $3,000 was raised through the Travers Classic Disc Golf Tournament to support our backpack meal program.

  • Sudanese Mission Group – We raised over $10,000 to support a solar-powered pump for a water well outside a school in South Sudan

  • West End Center – We collected school supplies in the summer and socks and underwear during the Christmas Season.

Endowment Board

Through the Endowment Board, we supported community partners big and small through financial gifts to help our mission partners with things such as lights in the parking lot for safety, educational kits, to deep freezers to store the covid 19 vaccine. Over $200,000 has been distributed through the Endowment Fund this year alone.

By pledging to the church, your money goes to our mission partners beyond the 10% listed in benevolences. Mission is woven into Christian Ed line items through blessing bags made by God Alive kids, to the Hometown Mission line item for the Youth Group as 25 youth commit 20 hours of their summer to our mission partners throughout Roanoke Valley. As you prayerfully consider your pledge, may you consider joining us in the work of lifting Miriam’s tambourine and joining in doxology as liberation for our neighbors in Roanoke.


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